Valued Experience:

The agency is headed by Wade Robertson. He is a veteran of 30 years in the telecommunications and wireless industry and brings a wealth of experience and contacts to the market. Wade has been in positions that have required him to hire and manage many types of telecom employee. This unique experience enables him to understand the expectations of clients and the necessary qualifications of candidates.

- .. We are product and technology literate. Having been brought up in the
.. ..telecom world since divestiture, we actually understand the products and
.. that your company provides.

- .. We stay continuously informed on industry and market trends and issues.
.. ..We regularly attend InCompas, Wireless Infrastructure, Metro Connect and
.. ..other industry related events.

- .. We understand compensation strategies that make your company competitive
.. ..for top talent in the industry.

- .. We are committed to the hiring client and strive to provide the right person
.. ..for your open position. We specialize in unique and "hard to find" individuals.
.. ..We augment your internal recruiting processes.

- .. Our relationship with our client and candidates is confidential. We are
.. ..always professional and courteous.

Why using a Recruiter is good for business even in a slow economy.

Got plenty of applicants and resumes? What is the cost in revenue and expense of making a bad hire?

- .. The best people aren't necessarily looking for employment.We will find you
.. ..the "right" people; not just the available ones.

- .. Most managers can't effectively review 20-50 resumes, let alone interview
.. ..that many candidates.We will give you 3-5 completely qualified candidates
.. ..per opening, eliminating your manager's need to review dozens.

- .. It is difficult to validate the "real" stories behind the performance claims
.. ..of candidates during the lay-off explosion.We have the ability to do the "behind
.. ..the scenes" checking to be sure that you are getting what you are paying for.

- .. We work on contingency and guarantee our placements! We are professional,
.. ..courteous and confidential.

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We are National in scope and place professionals in positions in all markets in varied disciplines. I have 30 years of experience in the communications industry and bring a unique ability and understanding to the recruiting process. We focus on tenured professionals that represent "best of class" in their areas of expertise."

- Wade Robertson, President/Founder


Wade Robertson


Robertson Consulting:
Search.Recruiting.Placement President - Founder
FiberLight, LLC:
Partner/Sr. Vice President - Sales, Marketing,
Business Development

Xspedius Fiber Group - ACSI-NT:
Sr. Vice President - Sales, Business Development, Customer Service and Support (became FiberLight)
General Manager - Jacksonville, FL;
RVP Sales - Southeast

TresCom International:
Director, Carrier Sales
Regional Manager - Florida
Major Account Executive - Training Manger, Atlanta
Account Executive; AE-IC
B.S. Economics
Auburn University

JORDAN HERRING - Robertson Consulting has strengthened its abilities in the market with the addition of Jordan Herring. Jordan brings the latest in recruiting techniques to the practice including metrics analysis, predictive methods, enhanced social media development, CRM and expanded lead generation. Jordan's sourcing capabilities combined with Mr. Robertson's industry experience make the company even more effective in focusing highly qualified candidates toward your company's critical staffing needs.