Growth in the communications sector today is almost entirely driven by the Wireless Service Providers. Capacity needs are expanding exponentially as more data driven applications are being added to smart phones, tablets and wearable devices. The increasing demand for connectivity is not only fueling growth in tower and equipment capabilities but also in the fiber infrastructure needed to support it. Unlimited data plans and pricing constraints are forcing service providers into more unique and robust coverage models.

Robertson Consulting has become Subject Matter Experts on the new Wireless environment and in identifying and recruiting professionals with skills for:

- .. Sales: Business Development: Relationships with the Big Four; Verizon Wireless,
.. ..AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile along with regional and niche service providers.
- .. Infrastructure Services: Fiber: Fiber to the Tower, Wireless Backhaul, Long Haul,
.. ..Aggregation to Macro Sites, Utility Placements, Construction - OSP,
.. ..Project Management.

- .. Related Services: Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), Smart Tolling, Real Time
.. ..Roadway Information Signage, Fiber to the Gantry.
- .. Real Estate, Site Acquisition, Compliance, Make Ready, Permitting
- .. Small Cell, Micro Cell
- .. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), In-Building, Portable - COW

- .. Centralized Radio Access Networks (C-RAN)
- .. Tower Services: Macro, Monopole, Stealth, Utility

- .. Equipment: Installation, Configuration, Commissioning, Upgrades, Test
.. ..Turn Up - Acceptance

- .. Engineering


We are National in scope and place professionals in positions in all markets in varied disciplines. I have 30 years of experience in the communications industry and bring a unique ability and understanding to the recruiting process. We focus on tenured professionals that represent "best of class" in their areas of expertise."

- Wade Robertson, President/Founder


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